Alan Gillis (Gulliver)
Sleepless Night
IF YOU'VE MADE UP YOUR MIND (ft Marcia Ramirez)
Traffic Jam Blues
Indigo 7
WHISPERING A DREAM (ft Marcia Ramirez)
Law and Disorder
My music falls mostly between rock and country, with a few songs leaning towards jazz.

Early influences were children's radio - Jimmy Rodgers and Burl Ives were regulars - and diverse family tastes - Johnnie Ray, Frankie Laine. My father loved Sons of the Pioneers and always said 'cowboy' music was the way to go.

At 14, I picked up my brother's guitar and by 16 had my first group. At 21 we were contracted to EMI recording at Abbey Road.

In our live performances we worked with the top acts of the day - Tom Jones, Hollies, Del Shannon etc. Things didn't work out and nothing was ever released. Disillusioned, we gave up to get "proper jobs".

The titles in block capitals are professionally recorded demos and those in lower case are me multi-tracked.
Latest news
July 2015 - Photographs, Memories and Ruby Red Wine licensed to Perpetual Music Group (non-exclusive).

March 2016 - completed music library contracts for 'Thank you for loving me' and four songs written and recorded in the 60's.

Two songs semi-finalists in 2016 UK Songw...more