Alan Gillis (Gulliver)
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QUESTIONS (words and music by Alan Gillis)

Verse 1

How many ways can I find to tell you?
Love is wherever you are
How many times have you smiled for me?
How many beats of my heart?

Verse 2

What if the Earth ever stopped revolving?
What if we were worlds apart?
What if I'd never seen the smile?
That stole my heart


How could I live without you here?
How would I know about love?
How many roads would I need to walk down?
How many stars in the heavens above?


Repeat bridge

Verse 3

How many ways can I find to tell you?
Love is where you are
How many ways can I hold you near?
Feeling the beat of your heart.

Feeling the beat of your heart.

© 2017
Short Song Description:
A lullaby recorded in Folk/country style
Story Behind the Song:
Written and originally recorded by me early 2017, but the song was always intended to be for a female voice.
Lyric Credits: Alan Gillis
Music Credits: Alan Gillis
Producer Credits: Underground Treehouse
Performance Credits: Morgan Ridgley
Song Length: 2:05
Primary Genre: Folk-Country
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Love for Child
Language: English