Alan Gillis (Gulliver)
Rock and Roll Forever
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Rock and Roll Forever (Words and music by Alan Gillis)

Verse 1
Do you remember when you learned to play your guitar?
And a three-chord song was a hard one
Yeah we had such fun just singing along
Every rock and roll song was a loud one
Then the other guys all with stars in their eyes
Bought a bass guitar and a drum set
And the tambourine man plays as loud as he can
And the rock and roll sound is the best yet

Youve got to get back to your roots
Dont play it too clever
If you do then you'll never
Ever get it together
Get back to the simple tunes of honeymoons
And teenage love affairs
Don't play it too clever
Rock and roll forever

Verse 2
Learn to harmonise like Don and Phil
And the sound gets a little bit sweeter
Sing a song about the girl of your dreams
And you're wondering - how can you meet her
Then the boys in the band go Bop doo wap
And the sound gets a little bit fatter
And the tambourine man plays as loud as he can
And the rest of the world doesnt matter

Repeat chorus

Those teenage dreams will never die
They're only a heartbeat away
Peggy Sue and Mary Lou
Oh Carol I love you the same today

Guitar solo
Repeat verse 1/chorus/fade out on verse
© 1990
Short Song Description:
60s style rock with male harmonies and guitar solo.
Long Song Description:
60s style rock building up from Surfari style intro through harmony techniques - basic two part (Quo) - Everly Bros (1m20s) - Beach Boys (3.06) - Seasons. Buddy Holly style guitar solo (2.40). Bridge at 2m23 includes references to the 60's girls - Peggy Sue/Mary Lou/Carol. All voices and instruments - Alan Gillis.
Story Behind the Song:
Story of group of kids forming a rock n roll band and learning different harmony styles. References to songs and 60s song girls - Peggy Sue/Mary Lou etc.
Lyric Credits: Alan Gillis
Music Credits: Alan Gillis
Producer Credits: Alan Gillis
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Alan Gillis (all voices and instruments)
Label Credits:
Song Length: 4:34
Primary Genre: Rock-General
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal: Other
Subject Matter 1: Fun
Mood 1: Exultant
Era: 1960 - 1969